Color Climber


Color Climber


Is a mobile jump game, where the player has to jump to different platforms in the correct order and dodge objects and enemies.


The story of Color Climber is as follows; You play as Wrecka a nice Dinosaur and your peaceful island is attacked by aliens and abduct Wreckas friends.


Wrecka's mission is to defeat the aliens and save his friends.

Once upon a time, there was a little dinosaurs named Wrecka


Meet Wrecka. A nice Dino living on The Distant Isle of Dyna, a quaint and peaceful little place.

But then the invasion from outer space started, the Jarheads came. Suddenly, she had to learn how to defend herself and her kind against these meanies. Her environment became a place full of hazards and she now spends her days trying to collect as many items as possible.


It feels like the ground is crumbling underneath her big feet, no matter where she is!


Her mission is to go to the temple where the Jarheads made their turf, then sneak aboard on one of their

ships and show them who is boss at their own game! The Jarheads only have one objective and that is finding the perfect piece to put in their jar. Luckily Wrecka can find potions and other helpful items, but she really needs some help!


All that’s missing is you.



I wanted to put down a little happy character who is believable in the way that he is there and what he is does, mainly jumping, researching and collecting points. I myself like Dinosaurs and freedom very much that an artist has to represent a dinosaur. By this, I mean the shape of Dinosaurs and how they standing and looking has changed a lot in the 21st century compared to the 20th century and no one really knows what they looked like when she was alive. Because of this, there are so many cool sources of inspiration to be found with very special shapes and colors.


My inspiration for the game comes mainly from how Dinosaurs were depicted in old children's books, favorably having a T-Rex tail drags on the ground with red and purple colors without feathers. My main goal was to get one character that kids could consider cool but also cute enough

In the design process


I made several silhouettes for potential characters and then this one further elaborated with details and color to get a better impression, on which I will later add the best ones to it idea of ​​the game fits, namely the dino version. I have made many different versions of Wrecka and color variants. I wanted to try this out because of colors can also give a different feeling to a character.


There are 8 skins in total, 4 of which are the 8 are a different color variation of the other 4. Wrecka is green with red, this stands out well in every background. The second skin is a Stegosaurus that is Orange, Wrecka's original color from the sketch. The third variant is a version more adapted to aquatic life and has blue-green ones colour. The fourth variant is a robot version of Wrecka with white and black colors, because of the one interesting whole gave to the character. I have given the alternative colors names of sweets and bright colors that stand out even more

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