The Lost Workshop


The Lost Workshop is an Escape room inspired game with a story (Novell) that revolves around the supervisor/guide (called Bel) of the game is based. Said will try to trick the player into cheating play and has an alternative motive to the player



Bel is a demon who seeks out people in the astral limbo world, this world is mainly empty and white with black in color with some objects that seem to come from a child's room. The world around you is formed from you unconscious and the choices you have made in your life. It is an in-between world that is your balance depicts good and evil.


Bel is the demon of Sloth (Sloth) and she gives knowledge to the one who asking. She has come into this astral limbo world to guide you to her advantage. So will you have to solve puzzles in this world, but Bel will try to convince you to enlist her help calling and cheating. Seeking her help will eventually find you alone in the bring problems until you get to the point where the puzzles become practically impossible to solve unload yourself.


The goal of a level is to collect all jigsaw puzzle pieces that is the only one way to open the door and go to the next level.



Name: Bel (Real name: Belphegor)

Age: Time Immemorial

Gender: Female

Race: Fallen-Angel (Demon)

Height: 167 cm

Hair: Ghost Blue With Lollipop Red beneath

Skin: Porcelain White

Eyes: Purple Red (faint glow)

Sin: Sloth

Super-Power: Mind-Based Powers




Christian mythology, especially Belphegor, the demon of Sloth (Laziness).


I wanted the investigate my character Bel's reason for doing what she is doing and why the thought of invoking the player to cheat is important in the game. Cheating in itself is a shortcut without the hard work, so the sin of laziness fit very good with it. I was inspired to use the same idea for the title of the game, "The Lost Workshop" is a derivative of "The Devil's Workshop".


With my knowledge of various mythologies and legends I decided to make this fallen angel my protagonist. I gave Bel a porcelain white skin to making her merge  more with the background, almost like a spirit. She also comes out of nowhere re-appears and can just disappear again if she wants to. I love to use mythological stories and giving them a story with their own depth and using these myth as a guide for the forms of a story, with a touch of my own style added to it.

Void Realm

The world is mostly empty and the puzzles seem to emerge from the void itself. The next puzzle can only be played after you have solved the current one and then the current and disappears be replaced by the next puzzle. The objects in the world must appear as if they are made of one children's room, but with a black and white theme thrown over it.

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