Process of my creature:


This is Sidomnia and she is the prettiest of all the rocks. She has mountains on top of her, so she is big (like real big (Island sized)). Her eye is her crystal (Golem) core, that grew with her over time. Two front limbs that are bigger then her back limbs. (Don’t go calling her a gorilla! Unless you want to get flattened.) She likes walks, swims and pretending to be an island. She gets embarrassed if you stare at her mountains, baka!


I made the overall shape for the Golem and tried to match it with my drawing. 1st tried to model it in a pose, but I was unhappy about it. I wanted to make it more better for animating, so I deleted the entire under body and  make a better version for it. I also added more details of the drawing and make some chooses of not including the wings and halo looking thing. I wanted it more earth like.

I also manual retopologized the golem and maked a nice clean UVW map for it.


I made 2 rigged version of Sidomnia. One that is highpoly for the 3D printer so that I could pose Sidomnia. Second was the Lowpoly retopo, which is more for me personal and very usable for animation purposes.

3D print Sidomnia and do research for painting her.


Rig my character Sidomnia and animate her + the necessary research for it.



First of I will post some picture of my 3D Print. It was fun to print the model. I cut my model in different pieces so it could be printed easier on different days.

Stuff I bought to paint my 3D model. I asked the people in the shop that paint War Hammer figurines. Here are my results for my 3D.

She has become a Island. yeah!

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