Pageero Pu-Erra



Name: Pageero Pu-erra

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Race: Skylander

Height: 161 cm

Hair: Blue shades, with white glowing edges.

Skin: Brown-orange

Eyes: Light Blue (faint glow)

Super-Power: Flow (Common power among her people. But skill in the power difference greatly

among individuals.)

Relative: Bacillo Pu-Erra (Older Brother)



Who is she? Pageero is a young girl from a world where people have super powers and magic. She is from a floating continent city, where she grew up with her parents and her brother, as royalty.


During a war when the floating continent was attacked by another nation, she lost both her parents as a child and the floating continent was devastated. Both she and her brother survived and grew up in a country that is now ruled by another nation. Her brother is now part of the new nation as a high

ranking general.


She is now trying to find strong allies to band together and build a resistance group against the new empire.

Combat Skill:

Her way of fighting is close combat mainly followed by acrobatic movements and strong kicks. She has a natural high energy affinity for magic and is born with the wind elemental trait. Her super powers are called “Flow”, which in terms is a simple power, that boost her overall physical speed

and power for a short time.



Her Traits:

She can be very contrasting at times. Normally she is very polite and sweet and calm, but when it’s about things she cares deeply about she can be very temperament full. She has broad knowledge about the current politics of her world and studied magic arts. She is very sweet to her friends, but has great difficulty containing her anger when she sees soldiers treating her people bad. She gets away with this, since her brother has a high rank in the new empire.


What does she want?

She wants to free her nation from the occupation. Gain enough power, allies & magic in order to do so. She trained in various fighting arts and has learned various magic to amplify her powers. Her ultimate goal is defeating the emperor, the self-proclaimed God, who has conquered her home land.

Test animations:

Some test animation of a walk cycle. Facial animations & cloth movements and dynamics.



- Clothing dynamic testing.

- Body Movement Test.

- Walk testing.

- Facial Testing.

- Material Testing of the dynamics.

- Uhm…The important Stuff.

Walk test example.

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