The game I've been working on for is online on Steam. If you want to try it out Click this box (Its also for Mac and Linux too).

I was during this project Art director.


I worked alongside my job as an art director providing guidance and feedback to my team gave on their work, as character artist, animator and game designer for the game's story and progression. Resume; Achromira is a platform game for the PC with a unique switch mechanic.


The story plays in a world of its own with a unique story. The story of Achromira is as follows: A young girl named Mira lives in a colorful world named Hexa wakes up one day and discovers that her world has been stripped of its colour. She is the only one who has kept her colors, because of this she discovers that she is the is chosen, destined to bring life back to the world. You follow her on her journey collect the three chromatic spheres to save the world



Name: Mira

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Race: Hexa

Height: 164 cm

Hair Color: Bronco (Brown-Grey)

Eye Color: Blue Nebula

Super-Power: Achromancer (Various Color Spectrum based)


Name: Axis (The guide in the game and previous Achromancer)

Age: 1018 (Looks 22)

Gender: Female

Race: Hexa

Height: 170 cm

Hair Color: Green Pepper

Eyes Color: Lime Lightning

Super-Power: Achromancer (Various Color Spectrum based)




You will follow her on her journey to the three worlds named Rutate, Gryd and Blutoot, to collect the three Chromatic Artifacts that correspond to the primary colors red, green and blue.


Shifting between the worlds will allow the player to interact with the environment and other objects in unique ways.


You can use this ability to solve puzzles and overcome obstacles to open up a path towards the objective.


To help you complete these puzzles, we’ve created abilities that will add an extra twist to your experience. These abilities can be activated in each level.


While adventuring, you will need to collect RGBCrystals in order to power the Chromatic Artifact at the end of each of the three worlds.





One fateful day, the residents of A beautiful world named Hexa awoke to see that their surroundings had lost all their vibrant colors.


The Chromatic Prism that guards their realm, and refracts the Divine Light into the rainbow, had become blackened and colourless.


Our main character is the only one that has not lost her color, which makes her the chosen one, destined to bring back the colours to the world and save her people.


In this game, you play as Mira, who has the unusual ability to

Glitch-Shift between the natural world (the now colorless world)

and its digital counterpart.

These two dimensions differ from each other slightly. Certain objects, platforms, obstacles and other elements who only exist in one of these two dimensions



I am very proud of my commitment, leadership and my characters that I have created for the game Achromira.


The work I have made for Achromira is what I consider to be something that is typically mine and I am also proud of it my characters that I have put down. I myself have always been interested in myths and legends and superhero stories (which are also inspired by that in a way), because of my interest in these areas I also try to depict this in my work to a certain extent. I see in the animation series/movies and games that I like to see and play also reflects this. A world where you have chosen one with powers to modify their destiny and create their own path in the world.


I myself like to draw female characters from memory / and make a certain strong personality and I design everything myself and I was able to do that with this project. Mira is unsure at first but one go-getter, Mira comes across as very self-assured in her body language at the end of the game and has clearly made a growth in how she conveys herself and behaves. Axis on the other hand is casual and confident in everything she does and makes a joke of everything and likes to give cheerful nicknames to just about everything. Being able to convey these kinds of traits in a characters body posture and appearance is what I like please do, in a sense to be able to represent a character's essence. The characters clearly have their own their own silhouettes, their own body language and way of talking.


I've taken the time to draw out, sketch every level. I have the world story of Achromira came up with and you can find many of my ideas in it that I like to apply.


The first level is in a city where Mira lives, the city has many white colors and luminous lines. It is a futuristic city with a big temple at the end of the level. The second level is a night world in the desert, the color red plays a major role here, so much of the environment is colored red with great Pyramids floating in the air. The Third level is green, a jungle world with many big mushrooms and ancient square temples. I also have the Fourth level, but due to planning we cut this level half way through the project. The third level would be an underwater world with a sunken ship and round orbs, where the color blue plays the leading role.

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